Skin Care - Biosyl Nite Creme

Skin Care - Biosyl Nite Creme

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BioSyl is an intensive moisturizing, firming and healing creme specifically formulated to stimulate skin regeneration and enhance skin tone.  Recommended for dry skins.
Rich in anti-oxidants, BioSyl is a bio-engineered complex from plant hormones known as phyto-stimulines that stimulates skin repair and growth with the help of amino acids.  It boosts the production of Collagen and Elastine protein while encouraging cellular activity with amino acids, carbohydrates, mucopolysacharides, essential fatty acids and vitamins.  Its time release properties are extremely beneficial to devitalized skins.  May be used around the eye area as well as the face, neck and chest.

To use:  BioSyl is applied on previously cleansed skin nightly or as a booster on devitalized skin.

Note:  You may also like to add a drop or two of "Serum Vitality" to help boost fatigued skin.

Net contents 30 ml., 1.oz.